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We are a family business with twenty years experience at running a livery yard. When we started in 1987 quality of service was foremost in our minds, and this is still so today as can be seen by the following summary of our facilities.

Stable yards: Our large looseboxes are sited in well laid out concrete yards, complete with floodlights and water taps to hand for those dark winter evenings.

Grazing: We have separate post and rail paddock systems, one for winter use and a second one for the summer months. This means that we rarely run short of grass (quite the reverse in fact), and also with the extended rest each system gets every year it means that you get a head start in controlling any worm burden your horse may have.

Mares and geldings are kept seperate and groups of animals in each paddock are limited to about four. We are quite happy to erect a small area in the corner of a paddock for those animals with a weight problem.

Each paddock has a water tank, so there is no walking backwards and forwards with a bucket..

Menage: Our menage is a large one 40m long by 30m wide, with a regularly maintained woodchip surface and floodlights. We also have a jumping paddock for your use.

Hay and Straw: This is available on site (we make our own hay). You merely ask for what you need and it is put in your stable for you on a daily basis. You do not have to use straw, in fact you can use any bedding you like except paper.

Services: Again you ask for what you need on a daily basis (normally am turnout) and it gets done for you. You only pay for this pro rata; if you don't use services then you don't pay for them.

Hacking: We are blessed with excellent hacking, you can of course hack round our own farm which is ideal for children, or there is plenty of woodland riding in the area.

Charges: Our basic rent for stable and grazing is very competitive. For a full pricelist please contact us.

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